How to say NO and win?

Somewhere along the way, someone told us that establishing your boundaries and saying no would be rude. I understand where that could come from, but it doesn’t serve you very well in life and in business. It depends on how you say “no” and then it depends on your intentions.

If you are looking to have a thriving business, a successful lifestyle, then I would absolutely put “no” as one of your most used words. Let me explain more in the following podcast which will help you so much, and give you a few additional tips in this blog post. By the end of the podcast episode, you should be a little bit closer to a more successful photography business.

Saying NO also means you must rely on your intuition. The simplest way to say it: You’re nothing without your intuition. I wrote about that and how the usage of intuition will guide your career here.

Boundaries are Important and Appreciated

Walid Azami Photographing Usher

Saying NO is fun, not because it’s rude but because it sets us boundaries for success.

Let me tell you why boundaries are so important: they establish a set of playing rules for everyone on all sides. When you say no to a client, you are establishing boundaries.

Sometimes they may ask for something entirely ridiculous, someone insulting, and when you deny the request you are actually that your own self-respect is on the way up!

We’ve all seen children without boundaries, they are terrible. We’ve seen the parents who raise children without boundaries, they are equally awful. As human beings, we crave boundaries because that helps us find success. When I know what I’m able to do on a job, how far I can push some thing, then I pretty much have the rules laid out for me.

Also, pay attention to how and when you lay boundaries. Listen to your body and pay attention to the details. What was their reaction? How did you life gain more freedom? I highly suggest you purchase a notebook dedicated to only this practice. I love using my Moleskin for note taking.

Saying NO Means They Respect Your High Standards

When you say no to a client because the budget may not be high enough, they end up respecting you. When you say no to a client because their request might be insane, they may not love it in the moment, but they will respect you in the long run.

It is showing that you respect yourself and your business. It is showing that you know what is best for your business and when you show that, the client will understand you would give their product the exact same level of respect.

I dive quite deep into this in the podcast. You can listen to it on Apple or Spotify, or wherever you prefer listening to your podcasts. Listen and hear how you can turn a “no” into something positive.

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