Why Use a 35mm Prime Lens?

Have you thought about getting a Yongnuo Canon Lens for your photography kit? Have you only heard of them but were curious? This blog post will help you determine if you should purchase the Yongnuo Canon Lens or if you should skip it.

I bought the Yongnuo lens for canon to test out. I purchased the 35mm lens and used it for my photoshoot with Taylor Zakhar Perez for his MTV shoot. How did it go? Was the lens quality enough? Here are my thoughts…

Photographers will use a variety of lenses to fit their artistic needs. A 35mm may not be the number one lens, but it’s in the top 5 for sure. The focal point is 35mm, you cannot zoom in/out. The camera has only one job to do and it can do that very well.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s great to use a 35mm lens. The Yongnuo Canon lens could be the answer for your business.

  • It’s a prime lens, which means you don’t get lazy and rely on the zoom feature. Walk up to your subject and take the photograph that you want.
  • It’s very close to the human eye. The 35mm lens looks familiar to the viewer. This sometimes helps them process your photographs in a more positive way.
  • It’s small, compared to the other lenses. For the street photographer and the documentary, it is a good option. Even fashion photography can enjoy a 35mm lens.

What does the Canon 35mm Lens Cost?

Believe it or not, there are a couple of Canon lenses that will run you about $600 and about $1700 for the F1.4 35mm lens. They are excellent and per usual, Canon always releases excellent glass.
For the beginner photographer or videographer, is a $1700 lens or even $600 is a smart business option?
If you are going to invest in anything, I would rather you invest in a mentor or a course. You can keep buying new lenses but what about the person who holds the camera. 
Where would you spend your money? Let’s talk about how the Yongnuo Canon Lens could help your photography.

Yongnuo Canon 35mm Lens Performance for Video and Photo?

Yongnuo Canon Lens

Yongnuo Canon Lens

Does the Yongnuo Canon Lens perform? And will you will be able to get photos out of this lens? You want more of the explicit details though right? The video lets you know my thoughts on the focus motor noise, the build of the lens, and how it came packaged.
In short, it’s a YES and NO for the Yongnuo Canon lens. It’s easier if you watch the video and check out the photos. It’s great for some photographers but not for all. 

Professional Photographer: I would not risk buying the Yunguo lens for your clients. You should rely on tried & true brands, and purchase lenses that will almost guarantee your success. Even though I photographed Taylor Zakhar Perez for the MTV Awards, I had a backup lens ready to go. It was an experimental day and I would not risk the lens on my professional productions again. 

Amateur Photographer: This could be a great way to get experience playing around with a 35mm lens. You invest about $100 and see all the characteristics of a traditional 35mm lens.

Travel Photographer: This could be an awesome way to travel light and worry-free. Dropping a $96 lens is less stressful than the full-priced Canon lens.

Videographers: I would avoid this lens if recording the audio is important to you. The motor in the lens is quite loud and noticeable.

Btw, if you are interested in getting items for your photoshoots at a lower price, I would like to recommend this post about IKEA. It’ll help you find props for your upcoming photoshoots.

Details about the Yongnuo Canon Lens

About this item

  • View-angle Coverage: Diagonal 63 Degree/Vertical 38 Degree/Horizontal 54 Degree.
  • Lens structure: 5 sets, 7 pieces
  • Minimum aperture: f/22, minimum focusing distance: 0. 25M/ 0. 8ft, maximum magnification: 0. 23x.
  • Filter Diameter / Quantity Available: 52mm / 1, Maximum Diameter and Length: 73*59mm.
  • Support Autofocus (AF) and manual focus (MF) mode.

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